Compact Classic Carder

This carder is ideal if storage is a problem or you want a carder that is easy to carry – perfect if you take your carder with you ‘out and about’. It has a 9:1 drum ratio and a surface speed ratio of 20:1 which will distribute the fibre at a greater degree on the drum. This improves the blending but does not affect the way in which the drum carder cards.

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  • Quality 4 ply pale blue card cloth in 72 and 120 tpi
  • Spiral strip, straight pin licker-in
  • Interchangeable drum system
  • Solid ash frame
  • Cards up to 70g (2.4oz)
  • Drum Ratio of 9:1 (4.5:1 ratio available by request)
  • Surface Speed Ratio of 20:1
  • Adjustable drum
  • Folding handle
  • Comes with doffer for removing the batt and table clamps
  • Full instruction and a two year guarantee


  • Material – Ash
  • Length – 380mm(15”)
  • Width – 340mm (13.5”) the handle folded and 390mm (15.25”) handle out for use.
  • Height – 195mm (8”)
  • Weight – 4.2kg (9.3lb)